Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Much For A New Year

2009 still seems to be haunting us. Sue came home on December 31, and on January 15, she was back in the hospital having a second surgery on her lower back to remove a "pocket of puss" (her surgeon's words). The infection has also attached itself to the replacement in her left knee which will have to be operated on.

Sue is actually doing quite well after this surgery. She has not experienced the confusion and agitation as she did last time, and she already has all her IVs out. She's done a little walking with her walker and spent quite a bit of time sitting in a chair. The biggest questions now revolve around the antibiotics.... IV or oral, and for how long. The infectious disease doctor should be in tomorrow and hopefully will have some answers.

Even though I haven't participated in any challenges in a while, I did get Christmas cards made. Here are a couple that I sent this year.

Still looking forward to participating in challenges this year, just not sure when.


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