Saturday, February 7, 2009

Been Gone Too Long

Okay, I've been gone a long time. Can't believe I haven't posted since last Saturday. We've progressed from January and near zero temperatures, to February and 50 degrees. Who'd ever figure that would happen. I don't suppose it's going to last though. I'm really ready for spring.

Since it is February, it's time to add my next calendar page. We always make calendars at our annual New Year's Eve party and I thought I'd post mine each month. A little late, but does it really matter??!! I love this old SU set; these little mice are so cute.

Marla (my hairdresser and friend) came over last Saturday evening to stamp and work on cards. She's fairly new to card making but I'm trying me best to get her hooked. I'll admit it, we have a lot of "stuff" and she loved playing with it all (even though it was a bit overwhelming). I do think she bought herself a Cuttlebug. It's only a matter of time.

Besides working, the rest of last week was spent prepping for a card making session on Thursday with a group of my co-workers. This group so enjoyed the Christmas cards we made that they wanted another session. We decided to make Valentines during our lunch hour. I put together packets with all the paper they would need, but they left them to do their own stamping and adding any embellishments they might want. This is my sample card:
Several of them followed my card exactly, but I was suprised (and very pleased) by the group that ventured off on their own. They all did a really good job.... and they wanted to know when the next class would be. I don't know if I can come up with something for St. Patrick's Day, so will probably be Easter or spring.

Thus, I'm now two challenges behind and a new one posted today. I hope to be back this evening with a card for House Mouse Monday Challenge and Cuttlebug Inspiration. Figuring it will be a two-for-one.

Cheers for now,

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Barb said...

Love that card Your shading is perfect