Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rainy, Lazy Saturday

This is my calendar for March. Boy is it appropriate for today. It has been raining ever since I got up this morning. It came down so hard for a while that we ended up with a small pond off our back patio. It dissipated this afternoon when the rain slowed down. It didn't stop the turkeys from having lunch in the back yard though.

All in all, we really had a pretty nice week. I think we had at least six straight days with sunshine even though it was very cold. It was nice to see the sun. The finches are ever so slightly starting to turn yellow, the Red Wing Blackbirds are back at our feeders and the daffodils are up about 2". I think spring is actually on the way!

On Monday, we went to an orientation meeting for Sue's hip replacement surgery. It was very informative. It's pretty amazing the things they can do to the human body. She'll be in the hospital three days after her surgery which has her coming home on Monday sometime. She has to be re-trained to do a lot of every day tasks... like getting in and out of the car, in and out of bed, using the bathroom and showering, even up and down stairs. I've planned to take the whole week off but will see how she does. Maybe I can leave her alone for a couple of hours towards the end of the week.

Had dinner with Marla on Thursday night. I was her last client, so we went to Applebee's when we were done. I had the mini bacon cheese burgers and fries (ate two and brought Sue home one). They were very good. Of course, I couldn't leave without having a dessert shooter (hot fudge sundae). Just the right amount.

Sue and I spent this afternoon working on Mom's taxes. It didn't take us as long as I thought it might. We do seem to be missing one piece of information... the report from Wachovia/AG Edwards with all the trust figures. We may have to see about getting another copy. Once we get that, the information will be ready to send to her tax preparer (although it seems we've done all the work!)

The schedule came out this week for the classes for the Great Lakes Mega Meet. I don't think I'm going to take as many as I did last year. I'm not interested in the scrapbooking layout classes, but do like the mini book ones. Registration is Wednesday night so have to make my final decisions soon.

Have a good week.
Cheer, Judi

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jayne said...

Hi Judi
I never realized you live in Grand Rapids. How stupid of me! I live in Battle Creek and my m-i-l and neice live in Wyoming,MI I go to the Stamp shop on 29th st when I am in town I really like your cards, good luck with the hip replacement surgery coming up and your job too! I have heard abouot Arnies but have never gone, do you go to the one in Ionia or the one further away? I am trying for Ionia someday soon cause I know how the eather is here too
bye for now