Monday, May 25, 2009

Back to Work

Hard to believe the weekend is over already. Time goes by so fast when you're having fun.

We've had absolutely perfect weather for three days. Some people probably think it's been a little cold (my sister included) but I love the temperature in the 70's. This is what spring is all about. As far as I'm concerned, it could stay like this all summer. I'm not very crazy about 90 degrees and humidity.

We spent last week buying our annuals. We usually get most of our annuals at Countryside Greenhouse but Sue really wasn't up for it. We did manage to get to Ludema's, Romence Gardens, Fruitbasket Flowerland and Meijer's to get everything we usually get at Countryside. Over the last three days, I got everything planted and, if I say so myself, all the pots look pretty nice. I still have a couple of empty places but not sure if I'll fill them or not. We've already spent quite a bit on flowers.

Mom visited on Sunday. She loves "Jon & Kate plus 8" so we watched the marathon on TLC most of the afternoon. We had steaks on the grill, along with potatoes and onions in tinfoil packets and the first corn on the cob of the year. She always brings homemade cookies (they have the best chocolate chip cookies at Sunrise). She bought a new hummingbird feeder so we made syrup and I hung it up when I took her home. We've both had problems getting the hummingbirds to come regularly this year so she said she'd call the first time he came.... gee, I haven't heard from her yet!

It was pretty busy at work last week. Our two new projects are kicking off so there's a lot of prep work involved in that. This week starts out with an all day client meeting on Tuesday, which means I have to don my waitress apron since we will be providing both a continental breakfast and lunch for a group of about 15. This type of day always proves to be very tiring because I still have the rest of my job to do as well.

I did post earlier this evening a card for last week's House Mouse #38 challenge. I didn't get it done until today but I did follow the sketch, so decided to post anyway.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.

Cheers, Judi


Barb said...

I would love 70 degrees year around--it was perfect weather. Glad you got your flowers done--so did I.

jayne said...

Hi Judi
Sounds like your place will be beautiful, we also try and get to Countryside Greenhouse at least once in the summer, it is quite a ways from us here in Battle Creek but they do have good prices, it is a little big to walk around in but I love looking at the different varieties they have.