Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Work Tomorrow

It's back to work tomorrow. I've been on vacation since 12/24; I like being on vacation.

We woke to ice and rain this morning but by noon it had cleared up. I've spent my last vacation day as we would any typical Sunday... reading the newspaper, having a big breakfast, taking a couple of naps, making a couple of cards... just relaxing the day away. Sue does have a special doctor's appointment tomorrow so we took a dry run downtown to find the office.

I'm still hoping to get a card posted to a challenge sometime this week. I just don't quite understand the linking process so I need to see if Barb can explain it to me. I'm sure it's really a very easy process once I get my mind around it.

I hope I wake up on time tomorrow morning. I've gotten used to staying up later and waking up later. Back to the real world!

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