Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Up

Sue thinks if I'm going to use this as a journal, I should be creating an entry every day. She was surprised that I hadn't entered anything since Sunday. I tried to explain that my life isn't really that exciting and there's not that much to record.

Work has been busy but not overwhelming. We're still working on one bond application for a May election. Review meeting at Treasury is tomorrow... so glad I only type the documents. We've had a new restaurant open near the office, Chipolte. Yesterday the entire office was invited for a free lunch before the restaurant opened, a test run for the staff so to speak. The food was excellent. I had a carnitas (pork) burrito bowl along with chips and guacamole. Today, they were offering a free burrito to anyone who came in between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.; at 11:00, the line was around the building.

We've had pretty good weather this whole week. Monday and Tuesday were our sunniest days since November 17 and 18. It was still fairly cold but so nice to see the sun all day. It's warmed up today (high of 32) which also means it's cloudy. I think it's supposed to snow this weekend.

I've been working on the House Mouse Monday Challenge the last several nights. It's almost done and I'm hoping to post tomorrow (glitter's drying at the moment). I'm also going to attempt the Cuttlebug Challenge, although I don't have any ideas for it yet.

I joined Paper Craft Planet this week. It's touted as being "Facebook" for paper crafters. I need to spend some time digging around in it. House Mouse Monday Challenge has a group which is where I found the link.

New episode of CSI... time to go.
Cheers, Judi

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